Fill Level Measurement

Precise measurement of fill levels in tanks and automated transmission of all gathered data are tasks that WIKON products accomplish very successfully for many years. Industrial gas suppliers and LPG companies have one thing in common:
They trust in WIKON products in order to optimize their supply chain and to guarantee delivery every time.

Watching the tank: AIRMO and TAMO

With their sophisticated sensor- and transmission technology, both sister products watch over fill levels of industrial gas suppliers. These highly integrated products excel at the following charasteristic:
install it, activate it, ready to go. A typical "turn-key product".
Due to this simplicity at its core, TAMO and AIRMO make up the foundation of reliable logistical concepts of a supplier who delivers via trucks or other transport methods. The supply chain and its management represent a critical success factor.
AIRMO and TAMO deliver the data which is required by supplier disposition reliably and within seconds.
Thus, our successful product line prevents empty levels at your client's tanks by "just-in-time" transmission of data to your disposition, in order to organize and optimize delivery and re-fill.

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