GSM Technology

Here you will find our GSM technology products, expansion modules and other accessories, mostly for DIN rail mountings. WIKON offers the optimal solution for you! Benefit from our many years of know-how and our expertise.


FEWIS Xenon - for remote monitoring of disctrict heating trenchs

On the receiving end FEWIS Xenon is being run with the WIKON Datacenter. Reports are sent via SMS to the Datacenter, where they are archived and visualized on a secured, password-protected website. The advantage is that especially with large scale projects, running your own control center is no longer required, since everything can be done on this external datacenter. Alarms, limit values and many other features - even statistical evaluations - can be organized via the WIKON Datacenter.

With FEWIS Xenon Duct, district heating pipe duct monitoring is astonishingly simple
  • plug and play: therefor high installation security and low installation cost
  • battery powered: daily usage -> life expetancy of up to 8 years or more
  • no parameterization on-site, due to automatic configuration
  • complete solution: web based Datacenter interfacing with your alert systems / if required, we can also provide you with GSM-SIM cards.
  • up to 4 inputs of 1 swimmer at each input possible (must be specified when ordering)
  • when limit value is exceeded
  • when errors occur
  • routine call (can be configured: hourly, daily, weekly, though we recommend daily with hourly values)
Technical Data
Functionalityduct pipe monitoring
CasingABS-casing or polyester box
Mountingwall mounted
Dimensions110 x 75 x 80 mm (LxWxH)
Protection classIP 68
TEMPERATURE Range-20°C to +50°C
power consumptionlithium battery 3,6V
standby: ca. 0,04mA (max 0,2 mA)
active: ca. 30 mA
transmission: max. 250mA
Modemintegrated GSM-modem 900/1800 MHz

AOS Power Pack

FEWIS Add-on module AOS

combines all previous functionalities of FEWIS power supplies in one device

Special features:

Due to the requirements of diverse application cases and situations,  different power supplies were needed for FEWIS devices, dependending on whether or not the probes required power / switching outputs / service buttons or battery buffers. All functionalities and extentension possibilities of a serial interface to read out GOK-probes are being combined by one device.

  • service buttons
  • battery charge
  • 2 additional switching outputs

The Power Pack includes a standard power supply and the AOS module.


  • prepared for PRS
  • data transfer: dial connection: 9.600 bit/s, GPRS: 9.600..38.400 bit/s
  • dual band, optional with RS-485 to directly connect to SPS
  • LED-status display, optional with FEWIS-power supply
  • fax capable: Class 1&2
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