Digital Inputs

For direct transmission of meter values and remote monitoring using 4 digital inputs and 2 outputs; via GSM cellular technology


FEWIS Neon / Digital Input

FEWIS Neon and the WIKON Datacenter

On the receiving end, FEWIS Neon is being run by the WIKON Datacenter. The fill level reports are sent via SMS to the Datacenter, where they are archived and visualized on a secured, password-protected website. The advantage is that especially with large scale projects, running your own control center is no longer required, since everything can be done on this external datacenter. Alarms, limit values and many other features - even statistical evaluations - can be organized via the WIKON Datacenter.

  • test functionality using a test button > internal, self-adjusting real-time clock
  • interne self monitoring functionality (reception level, reset counter)
  • manual query of meter value is possible
WIKON makes fill level monitoring very easy and economically sound
  • highest transmission secuirty via SMS
  • high installation security and low installation cost through direct fitting into the meter
  • no parameterization on-site required ; automatic configuration
  • complete solution: web-based Datacenter interfacing with logistics-systems. On demand we can also provide you with GSM-SIM cards. 
Report / Alarm
  • directly on request
  • routine call (can be configured hourly, daily or weekly)
Technical Data
FUNctionalitymeter reading
casingmodular casing for DIN rail
Dimensions4 PLE (72 x 86 x 60mm WxHxD)
weightca. 240g
Mountingmounting on DIN rail
Temperature range-5°C to +40°C
Safety classIP20
power supply12..24 VDC
Modemintegrated GSM-modem 900/1800MHz
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