Since 1991 WIKON is an international specialist for telemetry and remote monitoring. 

Based on the latest in communication technology, WIKON contuniously develops products that are matched to your requirements

Customers of WIKON's today are renowned companies such as Primagas, Air Liquide and Messer. In addition to these companies, big communal/municipal energy providers such as Mainover or the Wasserbetriebe Berlin (water company for Berlin).   

WIKON is represented in 30 countries, such as Brazil, the Ukraine or the United States. The core business of WIKON's are devices in water supply, energy, gas, as well as industrial gases.

We constantly enhance and develop our products and keep in touch with the latest standards and new technolgies. Therefor our developers work closely with the research institution of the Fraunhofer-IESE.

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