Since 1991 WIKON is an international specialist for industrial communication solutions. Therefor WIKON is ranking among the most experienced companies in Europe in this segment. With 30 employees and many distrubition partners the Kaiserslautern (Germany) based company continuously develops Machine2Machine products, based on the latest in communcation technology and its standards.
WIKON is an acknowledged and established partner for the design of client-individual telemetry monitoring hardware, communication pathways, DataCenter.
Industrial big players, as well as innovative middle-class companies and communal/regional providers ask for transmission media, that allow simple handling, which supports them in their day-to-day business. Hence automated remote read-out of gas- or water meters and the transmission of tank fill levels are standard solutions, which have a high demand worldwide.

Complex conditions on site, such as moist, explosion zones or tremors are challenges, that WIKON products gladly accept and welcome.

Our product variants use primarily the possibilities that radio-transmission (including short-range radio) or GSM-cell phone technology offer. Simple battery based devices that come with their own independent power supply.

  • Founding of WIKON Kommunkationstechnik GmbH in Kaiserslautern's technology park. Machine-to-machine in 1991 is then called "remote work technology“ or "telemetry“. It’s based on analog modem technology. At its beginnings, WIKON developed on-board computers for subways and surface trains in Berlin’s public transportation, as well as security technology systems, which are still in place today. Many products were developed and produced as OEM partner for renowned companies in the building technology business.

  • WIKON develops various products for building control technology and building automization with EIB and LON.
    Cooperation with producers such as Tehalit/Hager, Gira, Jung, Merten and Walther Werke.
    Initial early developments to monitor pipeline technology in the US, Latin America and the Middle-East.

  • WIKON launches the up to that time largest project to remotely read-out gas volume correctors in The Netherlands.
    Up until today, consumption data of about 4,000 big gas-company clients are being remotely read-out and monitored by the WIKON Datacenter.
    Battery-based technology, waterproof IP-68 products and systems certified for explosion zones enhance the area of expertise for WIKON.

  • WIKON becomes an internationally recognized partner for industrial gases. Global Players like MESSER Industrial Gases entrust their gas tank monitoring in us and rely on WIKON technology, to continuously check their fill levels and optimize their logistical processes. Our clients discover their supply chain in combination with remote monitoring allows them to discover new value creating potentials.

  • WIKON develops more and more into a sought after solution partner for individual hardware, based on cellular technology. Machine-to-machine becomes a well-known keyword and increases penetration of industrial areas of application. M2M creates new requirements to optimize processes using communication technology and our Datacenter as web based platform. 

  • The development team of WIKON significantly grows.
    The various requirements of industrial application areas of M2M are now also reflected by a growing development team in our hard- and software segment. That way WIKON is even more so enabled to utilize the variety of existing individual building blocks for brand new applications and hence put these prototypes promptly into market readiness, just after finalizing the drawing board stage. 

  • WIKON moves into a new and highly redundant datacenter in Germany. More than 50,000 facilities are being remotely monitored. Their individual applications are being visualized through the Datacenter. That way WIKON is an established supplier on the market regarding various business applications. Simultaniously, with this new Datacenter operational, our expansion into additional fields of application is greatly pushed forward. Also, the internationalization of our company moves forward at the same pace.

  • WIKON moves into a second office in Trier, Germany. There WIKON further expands its distribution activity in Europe.
    Volume based data communication via international networks, using locally available cell-phone carriers, gains more and more importance. WIKON, as highly sought after M2M-Solution Provider, with the ability to develop individual hardware, by providing cellular connectivity worldwide and by creating individual web-portal solutions with data mining functionality - all this combined is showcased on international leading trade expos such as the CeBIT Hannover.
    The WIKON web presence is being launched with a fresh corporate identity.

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