Pioneering & forward-looking projects of WIKON

Satellite Communication

For over 20 years, WIKON uses GSM-cellular technology and follow-up technologies, such as UMTS & LTE, for data transmission. Satellite communication is currently another corner stone.

As alternative transmission technology to the above mentioned systems, part of our development focusses on practical use of satellite based radio systems, which allow access to very remote locations, where no direct connection to terrestrial networks currently exists.

In the initial prototypes, special M2M-modems are in use, which utilize the well known Iridium-communication network. This network currently consists of 66 active satellites, which hover in low earth orbit, approximately 800 km above ground. These are being permanently re-positioned. Under certain reception conditions, a global and disconnect-free availability of our mobile devices is conceivable. Data transmission is being achieved using a SMS-like service, without any considerable delay.

We expect that current limits on bandwidth will go away. Transfer volumes will clearly increase in the future, since a great number of upcoming and established satellite providers have already vowed to built a more effective network.

Digital Signage

In the advertisement market, Digital Signage is gaining more and more significance. Changing conventional ad-boards or billboards involves great costs.

That is why WIKON works on concepts to organize content management solutions via TCP/IP,  that are sensible and efficient.
Hence WIKON intends to make "filling up" content on digital media "on-site" (Point-of-Sale / Point-of-Information) simple & cost efficient, using web-based remote solutions, rather than USB Storages or CD/DVD.  Our focus is keeping costs minimal and to allow simple usage.

Advantages of Digital Signage

For the end-user the advantages are clear: content is up to date and it creates even more attention. In addition to that it creates new revenue paths through marketing of ad space. 

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