Power Suitcase

With the Power Suitcase, WIKON offers a portable plug & play solution for detection of the power consumption at industrial plants.

An efficient method to optimize your energy management at your disposal
  • elliminate unnecessary energy consumers
  • Sub-distribution or consumption can be measured in different locations, while simultaneously analyzing several different consumers

With the portable Power Suitcase of WIKON energy values of any kind can be measured and evaluated. Machinery with high active power usually have blind consumers, which can be identified easily and sustainably.
Plug and Play detection, convenient analysis, export and analysis tools, data security, ISO50001, report and network analysis.


WIKON is partnered with the Fraunhofer Institute's project "MySmartGrid". The daily power consumption is being meassured and displayed and presented via the MySmartGrid Platform for the individual participiants.

The energy consumption of an individual household can be investigated closer by its inhabitants.
  • meassure the daily consumption
  • meassure blind consumers
  • singular peaks in consumption or defective devices can be indentified (fridge, dryer).

The goal of this project is to optimize energy consumption.

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