Business Example Water

To simplify read out of water meters at water utility companies, WATERBOX is in use for remote water metering.

All billing relevant consumtion data of water meters are being registered, saved into a data logger and transmitted to the Datacenter once a day.  This data is being processed and visualized at the Datacenter. That way a daily analysis of your water network is possible.

In addition to that there's the possibility of using pressure sensors to monitor the pressure within a pipe network. Alternatively the meter levels of elevated tanks can be monitored.

These analog values (4..20mA) are being transmitted into the data logger in a 15-minute interval and sent once a day to the Datacenter.

The combination with pre-defined limit values results in a complete pipe network monitoring solution with consumption analysis. In case of a limit value violation the system reports an immediate alert message.  This accounts for:

  • leakage
  • pipeburst
  • excess pressure
  • low pressure
  • minimum or maximum of fill levels

When it comes to metering, WATERBOX, in combination with our Global Datacenter, WIKON offers a reliable complete solution, which satisfies highest demands and offers above average security standards.

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