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Robustel R3000

Industrial wireless VPN router for M2M applications

The Robustel R3000 is a VPN-cellular-router (not only) for industrial M2M applications. Due to its versatile functionality and its above average security, as well as its low susceptibility to failure - this device can be used universally.

VPN-cellular-routers establish connectivity from GPRS to LTE for location independent ethernet - and or internet communication.

They grant you efficiency and data security. No matter if it's to control machines or monitoring production sites. It's possible to transmit control commands, fill level states or video signals.

  • Dual SIM -> redundancy for highest availability
  • 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 2 DI, 2 DO, 1 USB host
  • 2 ethernet ports: 2 LANs or 1WAN / 1LAN
  • transparent TCP and UDP Kommunikation
  • virtual COM support (COM-Port forwarding)
  • Modbus/RTU to Modbus/TCP gateway
  • automatic reboot at parametrized times
  • serial interface RS232, RS485 optional
  • firmware download via web interface
  • online management, CLI, SNMP. Modbus/RTU to Modbus/TCP gateway

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My M2M Box

  • can be cofigured individually on the customer's demands
  • optimized reception through external antenna and WIKON-connect-SIM-card
  • waterproof casing with IP68 properties
  • modular structure
  • battery lifetime of up to 10 years (using special battery technology)
  • IP68 - for secure and waterproof connectivity to the sensors
  • highest transmission security 
  • complete solution: internet based DataCenter, interfaced with billing systems

Metering Pack

"Wireless" meter reading and pressure monitoring, using battery and cellular technology

WATERBOX - can be connected very quick and secure via plug 'n play with any water meter. The setup is being done on the Datacenter. Limit values and settings can be adjusted via the Datacenter as well. The integrated data logger saves the meassured values which are transmitted once a day. 

Pipebursts and leakages will be independently reported on detection and can be forwarded via text message (SMS) or e-mail
  • internal, self-adjusting real-time clock
  • internal self-monitoring functionality (reception levels / battery voltage)
  • meter reading and analysis of the gathered data via mobile app
  • no manual readout on site required, no technician required
  • Waterbox-amzz: 1 analog input (0/4..20 mA), 1 alarm input, 2 meter inputs
  • Waterbox-azzz: 1 analog input (0/4..20 mA), 3 meter inputs (Impuls)
  • Waterbox-zzmm: 2 meter inputs, 2 alarm inputs
  • Waterbox-zzzz: 4 meter inputs (impulse)
  • Waterbox-MBmm: 2 MiniBus - inputs, 2 alarm inputs
  • Waterbox-LBmm: 2 LightBus - inputs, 2 alarm inputs
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