Global DataCenter

How does the Global DataCenter work?

More than 50,000 telemetry systems worldwide report primarily to the centralized `Internet of Things´ platform of WIKON. Here, all M2M-reports are saved and visualized on client-individual web sites.

Every individual client can organize forwarding of their reports to their own portal themselves: to email-addresses, via fax, or to mobile end-devices. Per request, we can provide our customer with an individual web-portal for their respective business. These portal-within-portal solutions are available in 12 languages. You can get more information at https://www.global-datacenter.de/

How secure is it?

Data integrity and security play a decisive role with remote data transmissions.

WIKON features reliable communication pathways from the end-device in the field to the Global Datacenter via a direct connection to global GSM providers like Vodafone or T-Mobile. That way high throughput rates are achieved. Regarding packet oriented communication, WIKON offers private APNs, that establish a secure communication with the WIKON infrastructure, which is independent from the public world wide web. 

The redundant cloud servers that WIKON uses, which are responsible for the actual data processing, are located in a certified, state of the art computer center.
A team of experienced IT-speacialists takes care of maintenance and updating all systems.

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